KJ Apa & Sofia Carson Join ‘Songbird’ After SAG-AFTRA Lifts Filming Ban On Michael Bay Movie

Two more stars have been added to the cast of Michael Bay‘s pandemic movie, Songbird.

KJ Apa and Sofia Carson are the latest actors who will be featured in the flick, opposite Demi Moore, Jenna Ortega, Craig Robinson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Peter Stormare.

Set two years in the future during a pandemic lockdown, Songbird centers around an essential worker who has a rare immunity, a delivery man who delivers goods and hope throughout the city. Like the vast majority of the population, his girlfriend is locked within her home, and the couple have no ability to physically be together.”

KJ will star as the motorbike courier named Nico and Sofia is Sara, a young artist.

The casting comes just after SAG-AFTRA rescinded a stop-work order on the movie.

“SAG-AFTRA has rescinded its Do Not Work order for the feature film Songbird and members are free to work on this production effective immediately,” the organization stated earlier this month.

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