Kym Marsh says Black Lives Matter protesters shouldn’t graffiti on war memorials for fallen soldiers

Kym Marsh says Black Lives Matter protesters shouldn’t graffiti on war memorials for fallen soldiers in her latest column in OK! magazine.

The 43 year old wrote: “The Black Lives Matter movement is hugely important. We have to stamp out racism in this country and far more needs to be done.

“I did worry a little bit when I saw the protests on TV as there were so many people crowded together.

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"It makes social distancing impossible and we are in the middle of a pandemic. I just worry about there being a second wave.

"There are ways to raise awareness without going out in public, but equally I can understand people feeling as though they have no choice as for far too long their voices have not been heard.

"I don’t agree with vandalising war memorials, though. People of all races have fought for our country and they deserve to be respected.

"I can understand people wanting to tear down statues of slave owners. I think it’s outrageous that those statues existed in the first place.

"But if memorials that honour fallen soldiers who gave their lives for this country are graffitied, I think that’s going a bit far and they deserve better.

"I also hated seeing people burning flags. I don’t understand what message that sends."

It comes after Kym sadly revealed that her uncle George died after contracting coronavirus.

Kym explained how her uncle, which is her mum’s sister’s husband, contracted the deadly virus after he was admitted to hospital with other health issues.

Former Hear’Say singer Kym said: “It’s been a very hard time for me and my family this last week. My uncle George – my mum’s sister’s husband – passed away from coronavirus.

“He hadn’t been well for various reasons and was admitted to hospital where he caught the virus.”

The star continued to open up about how the tragic ordeal has made the pandemic hit home for her.

She explained: “You hear about people losing loved ones during this time and people passing away alone in hospitals and only a few people attending their funerals.

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“But when it happens to you and your family, it really brings this whole thing home. It breaks my heart to think of him being alone in that hospital.

“He had been in a care home before that and his children had not been able to see him for so long. But everyone recorded personal videos and the nurses played them to him before he passed away.

“I like to think that offered him some comfort.”

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