Lady Gaga Poses Nude, Reveals Troubling Medical Issues

Until this week, 2020 had been a pretty quiet year for Lady Gaga.

It was almost like the Mother Monster knew something the rest of us didn’t and decided to self-quarantine ahead of schedule.

Fortunately, we now know that Gaga stepped away from the spotlight in order to complete work on her sixth studio album, Chromatica, which is set for release in April.

That said, the pop icon is suffering from some heretofore undisclosed health issues which she opened up about in her new interview with Paper magazine.

And for those of you who are here simply for the promise of nude Lady Gaga — yes, Ms. Germanotta did indeed strip down for the mag, and the pics are rather stunning.

But perhaps not in the way you would have anticipated.

As you can see, Gaga was transformed into an android for the cover.

Hey, this is the magazine that broke the internet with its famous Kim Kardashian pictorial, and they’ve now teamed up with an artist who’s been reinventing herself in bold new ways for over a decade.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the pics are a little unconventional — or “f–ked-up,” as Gaga describes them in her interview.

“I consent to being nude with everyone in this room,” she told the assembled Paper staff during her photoshoot.

“I believe we’re making art, this isn’t pornography.”

But while Gaga clearly isn’t lacking in confidence, she admits that recent months have been marred by struggles with both her physical and mental health.

“I want to put out a record that forces people to rejoice even in their saddest moments,” she said of her new album.

“And by the way, I’m not standing over here with a flag going, ‘I’m all healed, everything’s perfect.’ It’s not; it’s a fight all the time. I still work on myself constantly. I have bad days, I have good days.”

Gaga went on to reveal that she struggled with depression and chronic from the nerve condition fibromyalgia.

She says there were days when she was only able to complete her recording sessions with constant encouragement from producer Bloodpop.

“He’d be like, ‘Come on, let’s go. We’re going to make music.’ And I’d be maybe crying or venting about something that was happening in my life over some pain or depression I was feeling,” she recalled.

“I’d start out the day so down and I’d end up dancing, looking in the mirror, practicing my moves, singing along.”

Opening about her fibromyalgia, Gaga revealed that she has yet to find lasting relief, but her condition has not yet forced her to step away from her work.

“Some days are way worse, some days aren’t. But you know what I can do? I can go, ‘Well, my hands work; my arms work; my legs work, even though they are sore; my back works; my brain works; my heart works; I’m taking breaths, my lungs work,'” she told the magazine.

“You can just be grateful for what you can do.”

These days, Gaga is dating Michael Polansky, and friends say they’ve never seen her so happy. 

And the A Star Is Born star seems downright elated with the album that’s set to hit stores on April 10.

“Every album has been exactly what I wanted to make at that time,” she told Paper.

“It’s just there was a period where I think I forgot about where I was, and maybe that’s why it’s been so important for me with Chromatica to reestablish where I am for myself. So that here can mean something very powerful.”

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