Lil Pump Fuels Transgender Rumors With Purse Photo

The ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper takes to his Instagram account to share a photo of her playfully showing off his brown purse that he accessorizes with a blue Buzz Lightyear band-aid on his face that matches his braids.

AceShowbizLil Pump has never explicitly responded to rumors that he might come out as a transgender. Instead, the “Gucci Gang” rapper added fuels to the rumors when he took to Instagram over the weekend to offer a new photo of himself.

In the new photo, Pump showed off his brown purse in a playful way as he accessorized his look with a blue Buzz Lightyear band-aid on his face that matched his braids, a white beanie, and a jeweled ESSKEETIT necklace. He additionally opted to go shirtless in the snap.

Pump captioned the photo, “Princess pump,” before teasing that his new album might be released soon.

His post soon caught attention with a lot of people urging Pump to come out of the closet already. “First the painted nails and now this. just tell us already,” one said. “Might as well come out my n***a,” another commented.

“I think he’s trying to tell us something..,” someone wrote in the comment section. “Do y’all not understand that he is coming out and his life is at stake cuz corona so he letting y’all know his sexuality now,” one other wrote, referring to the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, there was an individual who made reference to Dwyane Wade‘s transgender daughter Zaya. The said user weighed in, “Ever since dwade accepted his son as a daughter the world been going crazy.” Someone else simply wrote, “Mans transitioning.”

Pump first sparked transgender rumors back in February, when he shared on Instagram a photo of him wearing a pink bra. At the time, the rapper insisted that “some random thot left her brawl in my house come get it,” but many people didn’t believe what he said and were consisted that the bra was his.

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