Luann de Lesseps says it’s hard to ‘choose’ not to drink

Now that Luann de Lesseps is off probation, she says it’s difficult not to reach for a drink around her booze-loving co-stars.

On Thursday’s upcoming episode of “The Real Housewives of New York,” de Lesseps says during a group trip to the Hamptons, “Well, I’ll share that yesterday and last night, it was very hard for me not to drink.” In August, the 54-year-old completed her probation stemming from her arrest for disorderly intoxication.

“The hard part is knowing you can drink and then choosing not to drink,” she added in a confessional. “You know, it’s hard to be around a group of girls that like to drink. As much as I don’t want to drink, I just feel like I’d like to get back in the game with the girls.”

She added, “It was a challenge for me yesterday and it’s like the first time I felt like that in a while.”

Her co-stars all supported her, with Sonja Morgan saying in a confessional, “This is exactly the kind of thing that Luann would have hid from us last year. I’m so proud of where Luann is now that she can be open and honest with us again.”

De Lesseps, who made two trips to rehab post-arrest, also told the group, “I think I’m gonna be fine if I drink. But then I know that I will be upset with myself because it’s, like, a promise that you make to yourself.”

“And I made a resolve that, you know what? This weekend, I’m not going to drink,” she added in a confessional. “That’s it. And I chose to do that. And it’s really hard sticking to the plan.”

It doesn’t appear that she stuck to her plan for too long, as she revealed in January that she is occasionally drinking alcohol again.

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