Manny MUA Calls Out Makeup Revolution for Allegedly Copying His Product – Watch! (Video)

Manny MUA is calling out Makeup Revolution.

The 28-year-old YouTuber and Lunar Beauty creator spoke out in a video posted on Sunday (March 15).

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In the video, called “I never wanted to make this video,” Manny calls out Makeup Revolution for the similarities between his Lunar Beauty highlighter compact and the Makeup Revolution compact highlighter.

“I’ve been getting many DMs, messages, comments about the situation at hand,” he said, showing both of the products.

“The reason they are saying that it’s so similar because of the actual component itself. The facets, everything about it,” he went on to say, “I created this compact…it is custom-tooled.”

“I’m the first bitch to say I’m not the first to come out with a prismatic compact. Absolutely not. I’m not the first bitch to do it. I’ve been inspired by other prismatic things,” he went on to say.

“I’ve been inspired by different prismatic things…but I want to create something that was cool and unique in its own way…and pay thousands of dollars to get this created by this factory,” he explained, “It’s super, super unique.”

“To have another brand allegedly copy my design is so frustrating, especially when it’s a big brand who has a big budget, who have deep pockets,” he said.

“This, to me, is not making it your own…in my opinion, this is copying. That’s what it is to me.”

Watch Manny MUA speak out…

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