Mason Ramsey Appears In New Burger King Ad Singing About Cow Farts

Teenage country artist Mason Ramsey is making an appearance in a new Burger King Ad, singing about cow farts.

The advertisement, released on July 14, is for Burger King’s new Whopper menu item made from lemongrass-fed cows, which the company claims results in a 33 percent reduction in methane emissions.

“When cows fart and burp and splatter, well it ain’t no laughing matter, They’re releasing methane every time they do. And that methane from their rear goes up to the atmosphere and pollutes our planet, warming me and you!” sings Ramsey, clad in a clean and sparkling white suit, as he appears from behind a cow.

He is then seen with a rhinestone-studded gas mask, indicating the world could become uninhabitable by human beings. “Reducing methaaannnee / Reducing methaaannnee / We can reduce emissions by more than a third,” he yodels

“So to change their emissions, Burger King went on a mission,” Ramsey sings, promoting the company’s greenwashing cow country jingle .

Speaking on why they chose Ramsey for the Ad, BK global chief marketer Fernando Machodo said, “We wanted to have a differentiated voice, a voice that represented the new generations coming, a voice that was innocent to help tell us this story. So, when Manson’s name came to the table, we all gravitated towards it.”

Gustavo Lauria, co-founder and creative chief at New York-based ad agency We Believers reportedly said, “A musical directed by Michel with his very own style to tell stories full of craft, colors and visual metaphors really helped us to explain something complicated in a simple way.”

“Thanks @burgerking for letting me be the voice of all the young folks who’re excited to create a better future. Yeehaw!” Ramsey wrote in his Instagram post.

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