Meghan Markle: I Need the Truth to Come Out! NOW!

We have an update, readers.

Remember a few days ago when we said Meghan Markle might be getting ready to finally roast the Royal Family via an upcoming memoir?

Well, consider this an amendment to that report…

… Markle is now absolutely desperate to roast the Royal Family as soon as she possibly can.

As you may have heard, journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have penned a book titled “Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.”

It is scheduled to be released on August 11 and it’s expected to feature some in-depth quotes from Meghan and Prince Harry themselves about why they quit the Royal Life in January.

The tell-all will reportedly truly, finally, at last tell ALL about what drove this decision.

And Markle, The Daily Mail now writes, simply can’t wait for the book to come out.

Literally. She cannot wait and is pushing for the publication date to be moved up.

“If Meghan had it her way, the book would be released tomorrow instead of three months from now,” an anonymous friend tells this newspaper, adding:

“She said the book will finally set the record straight and show the world why they were left with no other choice than to leave the royal life.”

Markle, of course, has been trashed, bullied and harassed by British media outlets almost since she started dating Harry.

The abuse only grew worse after Meghan and Harry got married and then had a child and so many critics simply couldn’t handle an American holding such a position of power.

The former Duchess, according to this insider, really wants readers to understand her life hasn’t been a fairy tale and for them to see “the genuine person that she is.”

Overall, Meghan is hoping the book will “shatter this image of [her] being a demanding diva.”

Meghan and Harry stunned the universe about five months ago when they announced they would be stepping away from their royal duties.

Instead, the couple saidd they would work to become financially independent, splitting their time between the United Kingdom and North America. (They’re currently residing in Los Angeles.)

Yes, they have rich friends.

And, yes, they are living in a mansion these days, very far away from Harry’s relatives.

But Markle is still relying on the book to give her and Harry “a clean slate,” this new report states, adding:

“Meghan seems to think that readers will finally understand the monumental anguish and turmoil she had to endure with a stiff upper lip.

“Meghan said people need to see her vulnerable side, something the book does in great detail.”

Welp, our interest is piqued. What about yours?

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