Melissa Gorga to Jennifer Aydin: If You Ever Throw Sh-t at Me Again I Will END You!

After bombshell moments like the end of Teresa’s marriage and Danielle’s hair-pulling scandal, you knew that this Reunion would be intense.

In Part 1, things were particularly hard for Jennifer Aydin, who seems to be at war with just about everyone — and especially Melissa.

As you can see in the clip that we have included, Andy talks to Melissa Gorga about the idea of her having a fourth child.

Jennifer disparages this as a “fake ass storyline.”

“Who are you kidding?” she declares. “She’s not going to have a baby.”

Jennifer even explains her meaning, alleging that Melissa is “too self absorbed” to pop out baby #4.

When asked to explain, Jennifer points to the “Melissa-themed” birthday party, to her “constant” selfies, and to her “self-accolades.”

Jennifer then mocks Jennifer, pretending to swipe through photos as Melissa and heap praises upon herself.

Melissa demands to know who claims that she acts like this, but Jennifer doesn’t budge.

It seems clear that the cameras (and editors) would like for viewers to conclude that Teresa is behind it all.

“This is where I’m gonna tell you you say dumb s–t,” Melissa says.

Jennifer then accuses her of “making a mockery of people who are really going through” IVF issues.

“I think you were absolutely faking that whole thing,” Jennifer announces, “Your career is taking off, a baby would halt your journey right now.”

“It’s a selfless thing to have a baby,” she argues. “Look what she would have to give up.”

Melissa then has her turn to lay into Jennifer over her awful behavior during the season.

“Why would I speak to someone who throws s–t at me? I think she says really dumb s–t,” Melissa opines.

Jennifer could have taken the opportunity to apologize for her antics. Instead, she doubles down.

She says that pelting her castmates with random utensils is fine somehow because “its not touching anybody.”

“If the glass, the fork you threw, the knife you threw, if it hit something and hit me in my face, we would have a major problem here,” Melissa explains.

Margaret, as if trying to reason with a small child, suggests that they should “make a pact not to throw anything anymore.”

Melissa reveals that a lot of fans are “very upset” that she didn’t retaliate against the barrage.

“I’m smart enough to know, we don’t put our hands on each other,” she points out, acknowledging her own self-control.

“It took everything in my body,” Melissa adds. “I know I can’t touch her, but I wanted to wring your neck.”

“I think you’re an a–hole when you do s–t like that,” she tells Jennifer.

“I’m not telling you to shake, I’m telling you I think you’re a f–king asshole.” Jennifer furiously retorts, “Don’t do anything to make me throw an object!”

Margaret observes that Jennifer is clearly “starving for attention,” and she’s not wrong.

Continuing to try his best at herding cats, Andy talks to Dolores Catania about her relationship with David Principe.

“I’m ready for him to move into his home. However, I’m not moving in,” she shares. “I’m not engaged.”

“I’m good without a commitment right now. He should want it from me,” Dolores states. “I would have got engaged, I would have got married,”

She expresses: “I would have been an amazing wife. He’s not a bad guy.”

Jennifer, intent upon being the villain of the Reunion, accuses Dolores of “settling.”

“I think she wants to be with him so bad, she’s willing to take him any way he’s willing to offer himself,” she explained.

Jennifer opined: “I think she’s okay with it for now.”

Dolores says that she’s merely “pissed off” because David didn’t try to seal the deal, referring to herself as “a f–king good catch.”

Jennifer also squared off with Margaret Josephs over their differing ideas of motherhood.

See, Jennifer had questioned “what type of mother” Margaret was, and clarified that she herself was “a very hands-on mother.”

“It was very upsetting to me when she said she didn’t know what kind of mom you were, I still am a mother,” Margaret remarked.

She added: “You are a mother until the die you die.”

Jennifer didn’t seem willing to let that go, but Margaret advised her to “slow your roll.”

“I adore stay at home mothers, that is the hardest job in the world,” Margaret expressed.

“She’s far from the poster child for stay at home mothers,” she said of Jennifer. “Jen has a staff.”

Jennifer fired back that she wants Margaret to stop insta-stalking her. Somehow, Jennifer even has beef with Bethenny Frankel, who’s not on the show.

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