Midsomer Murders’ Nick Hendrix addresses Neil Dudgeon’s future on show ‘It would be tough’

Nick Hendrix, 34, has spoken out about whether he would consider leaving his role as DS Jamie Winter if his co-star Neil Dudgeon, 59, decided to quit the ITV show. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the actor insisted fans are “so attached to the idea of Inspector Barnaby,” that it would be tough to “replace” him.

Nick divulged: “I do always wonder what would happen next for Midsomer should Neil hang up his suit, or whatever the phrase is. 

“I don’t know how they would be able to replace him. If for instance they changed the dynamic and promoted me or something and then I had a sidekick… but I’d have to be doing it for a long time to be old enough for that to make sense.”

The star went on to suggest: “Maybe they bring back one of the old sidekicks like Jason Hughes [who played Detective Sergeant Ben Jones] as the senior, I don’t know.”

In spite of his musings about what the future of the police drama would be like without Neil and his character DCI John Barnaby, Nick explained he would prefer it if the dynamic duo continued on the show together.

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He revealed: “In my world I think that it’s better if it stays as me and Neil and then if he packed it in then maybe I would go with him.

“I wonder if he packed it in then they would have to pack in the show. 

“I don’t know if they could replace him again and how that would work, the fans are so attached to the idea of Inspector Barnaby so we’ll see.” 

However, Nick also admitted he would be “interested” to see if his character could receive a promotion in the case of Neil’s departure.


He explained: “If they were to promote DS Winter to DCI Winter, I would be interested to see how that might work. 

“Neil’s got to retire at some point! The fans are very particular so they might not be interested in that.”

“Neil’s got plenty of years left in him, that’s for sure,” Nick added.

The Midsomer Murders favourite, who joined the programme in 2016, went on to address whether he could see himself staying in the cast in the distant future.

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Nick said: “I think as ever I would always say never say never and what I would say is that there are so few negatives to doing it that it would be a really hard job to turn down and I’d like to think that I’ve done enough now that they will always want me to be in it. 

“Me and Neil have got a good vibe and changing cast is not good for the fans and the show, they’d much rather the consistency.

“So I can’t imagine that I would say outright that I’d do it for the next ten years because that’s not my career aspirations, but equally when you’re offered these jobs and you know it’s such a nice job with nice people, it’s hard to say no.” 

“Each year as an actor you play it as it lies and see what happens and try to make a decision at the time that seems like the right one,” he candidly explained.


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Nick also spoke out about Midsomer Murders being available to watch on demand on BritBox and the benefits this will bring for viewers.

The actor said: “As always, the way that we consume shows and entertainment these days is always changing and we as viewers want to have everything at our fingertips.

“Although ITV3 is a very good way to always be able to watch Midsomer Murders, we don’t have much control as a viewer over what is put on channels like that, so the idea that people can just tap into it so quickly and easily like they would any other Netflix, Hulu, Amazon type show is great. 

“And what’s nice is the viewing figures are still so strong when it’s aired on ITV that you get the impression that there’s still a great appetite for the show, which is amazing.”

Midsomer Murders airs tonight from 5pm to 11pm on ITV3 and is also available to stream on demand on BritBox. Find out more at https://www.britbox.co.uk/.

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