NBA YoungBoys Fans Drag Soulja Boy Over Gay AF Comments

Unsurprisingly, Soulja, who has just released a new single titled ‘Squid Game’, receives a huge of flak for using the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner as well as backlash from YoungBoy’s fans.

AceShowbizSoulja Boy faced the repercussion of his comments on NBA YoungBoy’s (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) fans. Soulja took aimed at the fanbase of the incarcerated rapper on Twitter on Thursday, October 14.

At the time, Soulja slammed some other rappers in a few tweets. One of them read, “Tyga fell off,” while one other tweet read, “YB fans gay af.” It seemed like his tweet was prompted by “YoungBoy better” or “YB better” memes that have been viral on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit lately.

Unsurprisingly, Soulja received a huge of flak for using the word “gay” in a derogatory manner as well as backlash from YoungBoy’s fans. “Delete this or there will be consequences,” one fan warned Soulja. “id say you fell off but you were never on,” another user said.

“this mf soulja pulling out the gay insult like its 2013,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “You call your self the first at everything but Young boy does everything in life better then you little bro.”

Seemingly tired of defending Soulja from his antics, a fan tweeted, “We done picked yo a** up out the gutta atleast 6x in your career Soulja. this where we draw the line.” Insulting Soulja’s music career, a YB fan wrote, “You skinny af + your album went triple cardboard + you fell off heavily imo.”

Following the backlash, Soulja appeared to clarify his tweet, “I’m a fan of YB. Not all YB fans is gay. Just the ones that say. Fell off. Ratio.”

That aside, Soulja had just released a new single titled “Squid Game”. Named after Netflix’s hit series “Squid Game“, the song features Soulja rapping over an instrumental of the show’s theme song. “Red light, green light/ Red light, green light/ You know that I came with my team, right?/ F**k n***a play, he get hit with that beam, right,” so he spits his bar. “AR-15 gon’ clear the whole scene, right/ Up in that chop’, n***a/ Something don’t seem right/ Gang, gang, gang/ 762 hit all in the membrane/ Get to poppin’ s**t like the Squid Game.”

In the chorus, he raps, “Squid Game/ We get to poppin’ s**t just like the Squid Game/ Squid Game, Squid Game/ 30, my wrist, it was insane/ Bust down the chain, it was 16/ Slap a n***a likе the Squid Game, Squid Game/ Wе get to poppin’ s**t, insane.”

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