NeNe Leakes: I Caught Gregg Cheating!!

As viewers have recently seen, NeNe Leakes tried to reach out to Kenya Moore, saying that she had known troubles in her own marriage.

She wasn’t kidding. NeNe is now spilling details on an inappropriate relationship that Gregg had with a former employee.

Last year, NeNe Leakes tweeted a “hypothetical” question to her followers.

“U find out ur husband/boyfriend been talkin on the phone regularly to 1 of ur female employees as ‘just a friend,'” her tweet ominously began.

NeNe’s scenario continued: “but u had no knowledge of it.”

She asked: “Did he cross any lines?”

nene leakes "hypothetical" emotional cheating gregg tweet

“Askin 4 a friend,” NeNe claimed or perhaps joked.

She explained that she was asking her followers “since y’all know EVERYTHING.”

For clarification, NeNe added: “But he said, we never talked sex! I just needed some1 to talk 2.”

Well, NeNe’s “friend” was clearly not in a healthy marriage. Emotional affairs can be worse than the sexual ones.

We know that this will shock you, but … NeNe was actually talking about herself.

Appearing on Angela Lee’s Lip Service podcast, NeNe delved into the emotional affair that Gregg allegedly had.

It all went down after NeNe opened a clothing store in Maryland.

Gregg had helped out with hiring for the new store, as NeNe explained that he is “really good with all things that I’m not good with.”

NeNe stopped by one day and noticed an employee who stuck out.

“She’s very much Gregg’s type and Gregg very much likes girls with short hair,” she explains. “When he met me, I had short hair.”

Other than taking notice, NeNe didn’t think much of the employee, to whom she refers as Juanita, until a business meeting weeks later.

Apparently, Juanita was having problems with a coworker … a coworker who knew a little too much about her.

“She was sitting there,” NeNe describes. “The gay guy said, ‘I don’t appreciate you calling me a queen.'”

That is a very reasonable point of contention. In general, don’t call people things that they don’t like. Kindergarten rules.

NeNe says that the man told Juanita: “‘and listen, you wouldn’t want to do that because you know I know your secret.'”

When Juanita didn’t budge, the man said: “Well, how about you and Mr. Gregg be FaceTiming.”

“I’m in a whole room and I’m standing up,” NeNe recalls her reaction, “and I didn’t get out of character I just said ‘Really?'”

“I knew he wasn’t lying,” she says. “And she was in shock.”

She narrates how she called up Gregg then and there and challenged him: “‘So, you’ve been talking to Juanita.'”

“He said ‘No!’” NeNe she recalls. “And I was like ‘Okay, you have. Bye.’”

That was not the end of it.

“And he went insane,” NeNe characterizes, “screaming going crazy and then her phone beeped.”

At that point, NeNe says, she asked Juanita to pack up her things and depart.

NeNe says that Gregg would later insist to her: “‘We never did anything. We just talked on the phone. We never had sex.'”

In his own defense, Gregg apparently told her accusatorily: “‘You weren’t here for me to talk to.'”

An emotional affair is still an affair, and the fallout from it was intense.

NeNe reveals that she and Gregg did not speak to each other for months.

Eventually, however, she says that they got back to a healthy place — well, by their marriage’s standards.

“Gregg has taken passes that I didn’t even give him,” NeNe describes. “At this point, if he wanted to go, he would go the hell on.”

“I like to talk open relationships and I have talked about that with Gregg,” she reveals.

NeNe continues: “And told him, ‘If you’re going to cheat, your relationship is open anyway.'”

“If Gregg wanted to be with someone right now, I would say go right on,” she reiterates.

“Why am I going to try and keep him from doing something he wants to do?” NeNe asks.

She explains: “Then I would have to make a choice if I want to stay and I probably would.”

“I do what I want anyway,” NeNe adds. “I don’t want to hear what he’s doing about anyway.”

“I’m in New York and he’s in Georgia,” she notes. “Whatever he’s doing I don’t nee to know about it. We’ve really had these conversations.”

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