Netflix Wants to Tie the Sussexes' Docuseries to 'The Crown' Because They're Stressed About Harry's Memoir

As if the general vibes within the royal family aren’t already dramatic enough, Netflix is out here sowing even more chaos with plans to drop Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming docuseries around the same time as The Crown.

Multiple sources confirmed this to Page Six, with one saying that “There is a lot to organize and a lot of things at play here” and that “Netflix wants to make sure they get in there and don’t get scooped” by Harry’s upcoming memoir.

That said, Netflix and the Sussexes don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on the docuseries’ release. Netflix wants to drop the show right after The Crown in November, while Meghan and Harry want to wait until 2023. Meanwhile, Harry’s memoir is apparently coming prior to The Crown.

“[Netflix executives] knew the book was coming out, which is why they wanted the series this year,” a source explained. “They don’t want to hold off any longer.”

As for how the royal family feel about Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal, the answer is…not great! A source told Entertainment Tonight back in 2020 that they are “not happy” with the deal and that there are “raised eyebrows” about the Sussexes’ increased spotlight distracting from Prince William, Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton’s charity work.

So, to recap, the royals are dealing with the following: the Sussexes’ docuseries, Harry’s memoir, and a fictional show coming out about their family all at the same time. Lol, awk.

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