Nikki & Brie Bella Reveal They’re Quarantined Together While Pregnant: ‘We Haven’t Fought Yet’

They’re quarantined together while pregnant, but Nikki and Brie Bella feel anything but trapped. The sisters opened up about how they’re passing the time while self-isolating in a new interview.

They’re twins, they’re WWE superstars, they’re pregnant — and now, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have something else in common. They’re quarantining together during the coronavirus crisis. The sisters opened up about their unique situation during a March 27 interview on The Talk, revealing that they’re actually enjoying all their extra time together. Even if it has its ups and downs. “It’s been tough. I mean, I’m lucky because are next door neighbors,” Brie explained to host Marie Osmond over video chat. “We literally have zero property line, so having each other’s company and support and staying positive really helps, but it’s a time when everything is so uncertain.”

Brie said that she and her sister pass the time by cooking dinner together “most nights” and getting together for coffee every morning. “We haven’t fought yet,” Nikki joked. “We are wine partners in crime, in a way. We don’t drink right now, but we really enjoy each other’s company.” While Nikki has her fiancé, Dancing With The Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev by her side, it’s a little more complicated for Brie. She revealed that her husband, WWE wrester Daniel Bryan, has been away traveling. That means he’ll have to be quarantined away from her and their daughter, Birdie Danielson, 2, when he returns home to protect them from potential COVID-19 exposure.

“He’s been in Orlando for a week,” Brie told Marie. “But, I’m not letting him come home, because I just feel like, you know, traveling and just being around other wrestlers… We are kind of just going to see if he has any symptoms, see how it plays out. It will be hard. He’ll be at a hotel down the street.”

Nikki is also taking extra precautions to protect herself and her loved ones during the pandemic. She revealed that she’s canceled her baby shower, and had to go to OB-GYN appointments without Artem, which upset her. “I’m grateful that I actually have good health, and my family is safe,” she said.

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