‘Numb3rs’ actor David Krumholtz says grandpa was Meyer Lansky’s driver

Queens-born actor David Krumholtz understands whey Jews have had such a long history of persecution.

“I think we’re low-hanging fruit,” he said at the premiere of the upcoming HBO mini-series “The Plot Against America.” “We’re really low-hanging fruit,” he continued, “because we’re really smart, we’re really nice and some of us are really rich, not all of us.”

Ruminations on anti-semitism were in the air at the screening of the HBO adaptation of the late author Philip Roth’s novel, which follows a working-class Jewish family in New Jersey under an imagined Charles Lindbergh presidency and America’s descent into fascism.

However, any parallels made with today’s political landscape are, for the 41-one-year old actor who also starred in “Numb3rs,” of little concern.

“I don’t run, I’m not running,” he said. “You know, half of us are really tough. My grandfather was Meyer Lansky’s chauffeur.”  In his lifetime, Lansky — who died in 1983 — was referred to as the “Mob’s Accountant,” and was instrumental in establishing what would come to be referred to as the National Crime Syndicate.

“He was a bad dude, probably a murderer,” Krumholtz noted of his grandfather. “Yeah, I come from a long line of tough Jews.”

Krumholtz added that a biography on the infamous gangster claimed that Lansky referred to his grandfather as “the dumbest Jew he ever met.”

“The Plot Against America,” starring John Turturro, Zoe Kazan and Wynona Ryder, premiers March 16.

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