Paradigm Calls Debbee Klein's Lawsuit 'Self-Aggrandizing and Delusional,' Seeks Arbitration

Last week, Klein filed a suit accusing CEO Sam Gores of breach of oral contract and whistleblower retaliation, among other things

Andrew Stalbow, Seriously CEO
Hollywood’s playbook typically involves taking characters from the big screen, and then creating related games and merchandise. Stalbow believes in beginning with mobile games for iOS and Android devices.

  • Jeff Gaspin & Jon Klein, Co-Founders, TAPP
    The two long-time friends launched TAPP (short for “TV App”) as a subscription-based, online video platform for big personalities such as Sarah Palin.
  • Angelina Jolie, Actress-Director-Philanthropist
    An industry unto herself, the “Unbroken” director is blazing a trail for female talent while reaching deeper for her artistic voice, a seemingly impossible task under the constant spotlight that shines down on her.
  • Sev Ohanian, Indie Producer
    Google Glass short film “Seeds” producer is currently working with a major studio on a small feature film to be distributed online, and talking with Google about ways to make more films with Google Glass.
  • Jimmy Fallon, ‘Tonight Show’ Host
    Fallon’s ability to mimic musical icons, develop bizarre stunts and slow-jam the news has led to a treasure trove of viral video moments and brought thedecades-old late-night institution into this century
  • Ze Frank, President, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures
    Frank is leading the rebranded unit, with help from Hollywood producer Michael Shamberg and comedian Jordan Peele. The company has said BuzzFeed Motion Pictures will “focus on all moving images from a GIF to feature film and everything in between.”
  • Beatriz Acevedo, Founder & President, MiTu Network
    Multi-channel network focused on programming for Latino audiences recently partnered with Maker to build on its YouTube audience.It inked a licensing deal with AOL and teamed up with HLN on a late-night show.
  • Michael Heyward, CEO & Co-Founder, Whisper
    Secret sharing app’s content is gaining widespread attention outside of the app. Paramount has a marketing partnership with Whisper for the upcoming film, “Men, Women and Children,” while other Whisper entertainment partners include Hulu, Universal, MTV and VH1.
  • Cody Simms, Managing Director, Techstars
    Disney Accelerator program brings together entrepreneurs, mentors, creatives, investors and technologists to support the next generation of entertainment innovators.
  • Dan Bucatinsky & Lisa Kudrow, Is or Isn’t Entertainment
    With projects like “Web Therapy” beginning online before moving to television, Is or Isn’t operates under the assumption that good content can exist in any platform and has made their projects an example of this.
  • Jake Schwartz, CEO & Co-Founder, General Assembly
    Company helps techies and non-techies alike beef up their training, offering courses on everything from iOS app development and UX design to digital marketing and data science both digitally and on a growing number of campuses.
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