People Convinced Bow Wow Is Gay Over His Anti-Women Instagram Post

Prior to this, the rapper-turned-actor sparked outrage as he insulted women in a Twitter post, instead of using his platform to raise awareness about racial injustice and police brutality.

AceShowbizBow Wow has been cutting up lately on his Instagram account. The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star appeared to be wanting to share some jokes on the photo-sharing platform, but people seemingly didn’t share the same humor with the rapper.

“She said ‘whisper something dirty in her ear’ so I said… ‘ya house,’ ” he wrote on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, June 17, adding a puking and laughing while crying emojis in the post. He might think it was funny, but most people begged to differ.

“That boy wild,” Spectacular commented underneath TheShadeRoom’s post about Bow Wow’s update. Some other fans, meanwhile, were convinced that Bow Wow might be gay considering the amount of his post clowning women. “The way he’s so messy towards women, I’m staring to think he likes men…,” a fan said. Echoing the sentiment, someone else wrote, “It’s pride month. Just come out Bowiana.”

“I wish he just come out and say he like men already. he always complaining bout women,” another person added. One other fan noted, “I think he doesn’t like women dude always has female issues lol.”

Meanwhile, a user called him corny for the post. “How corny can one person be?” said the person. Another fan, on the other hand, shaded Bow Wow, “He acts like a 4th grader.”

Prior to this, the rapper-turned-actor faced backlash over his insensitive tweet amid Black Lives Matter movement. Instead of using his platform to raise awareness about racial injustice and police brutality, Bow Wow sparked outrage with his tweet in which he insulted women.

“Women be out here calling eachother [sic] ‘sis’…thats because they be calling the same n***a daddy,” he wrote on the blue bird app. “Bruh really; we want neither our sisters or brothers downgraded at this moment. Wrong energy bruh,” one of his followers replied. Someone else said, “This isn’t it. Read the room,” with another person asking, “How, and why would you think this is funny?”

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