Princess Bride star Cary Elwes airlifted to hospital after hes bitten by rattlesnake

Trailer for The Princess Bride 1987

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British actor Carey Elwes was in his garden in Malibu when the snake is said to have struck, leaving those around him reportedly fearing for his life. However the Princess Bride actor is now believed to be recovering well.

In most cases, sufferers of rattlesnake bites spend a short time in hospital before being discharged with a supply of painkiller medication.

However the US website TMZ reported that it seemed so severe at first that “people around him felt it was a life-threatening injury”.

The 59-year-old had apparently been rushed to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre in LA on Saturday after the horrifying incident.

Typically, sufferers are likely to encounter terrifying sensations of numbness in their face or limbs, along with painful tingling, nausea and sweating.

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There can also be long-lasting puncture wounds which take time to heal.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood star has had a hospital drama, though.

In fact, disaster struck twice on the set of the film Princess Bride.

First, the shaken-up actor – son of portrait painter Dominic Elwes – was knocked out during the filming of a fight scene that got a little too heated.

He was left requiring stitches – and then, almost no sooner had he returned to set, he broke a toe.

However, sources report that he is expected to make a full recovery from his latest mishap. has additionally reached out to Cary’s reps for comment.

The Hollywood star’s next movie is reported to be Rebel Moon, a Zack Snyder science fiction thriller.

The plot follows a colony in the faraway galaxy seeking the help of a mysterious woman, plus fighters from other planets, to topple a dictator.

Assuming that Carey makes a full recovery, the actor – whose other credits include roles in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, The X-Files and The Jungle Book, will begin filming this autumn.

His role will be to channel the ruling monarch of an entire galaxy.

But his current status in the world of movies and TV is a far cry from his humble beginnings as a runner for Marlon Brando.

Back in 1978, aged just 16, his job was to attend to Marlon on the film set of Superman.

Carey quipped to the Telegraph: “My job was to get Marlon out of his trailer.

“[He] had no incentive to be on time because his agent had struck the most amazing deal for him. Every day that the picture went over, he got another million dollars…. so he just strolled in whenever he felt like it.”

He joked that he usually prised the star out of his trailer by providing him with delicious food – mainly “desserts”.

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