Queen Elizabeth Does Public Zoom Call With Daughter Princess Anne For Carers Week

Queen Elizabeth just appeared in her first public call with her only daughter, the Princess Royal, Anne.

The call was in celebration of Carers Week, which the British Royal Family has been honoring all week long.

After listening to several caregivers open up about their backgrounds and personal experiences, the Queen praised them all.

“Interesting listening to all your tales and stories. I’m very impressed by what you have achieved already,” the sovereign shared. “I am very glad to have been able to join you today.”

Carers Week highlights the work that seven million people – including children — do across the country to help those close to them.

“It was a real privilege. The Princess Royal has long been a supporter of the Carers Trust and is always passionate and knowledgeable about unpaid carers. But to be able to have the greater profile of Her Majesty joining the call as well, to raise the awareness of unpaid carers during Carers Week, was really crucial,” chief executive of the Carers Trust, Gareth Howells, shared after the call with People.

“The carers were nervous enough to have the Princess Royal but to be told a few days before that Her Majesty would be joining us was really nerve-wracking but they loved the unique opportunity to raise the profile of carers across the U.K. as well.”

Watch the full call below!

If you missed it, the Queen‘s husband, Prince Philip, just celebrated his 99th birthday!

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