Rapper Casanova Adamant He Stays Outside After Cops Shut Down Video Filming Over Coronavirus Curfew

The Roc Nation star ignores warnings to stay at home and social-distancing amid the health crisis, reasoning that he has to work because he has rent and child support to pay.

AceShowbizCasanova refuses to self-quarantine despite the government’s warnings to stay at home and practice social-distancing over the coronavirus outbreak. The rapper has taken to Instagram to explain the reason why he will keep going outside after cops shut down his music video shooting.

On Sunday, March 22, the Bronx emcee posted a video of him walking outside of his home to show his garden. “About four thousand to cut this grass,” he said while standing on his deck. “As long as this grass needs cutting, as long as I got to pay child supports, as long as I got to pay lawyer fees, I’m the f**k outside. I’m not violating corona. … I’m working. I’m busy.”


The Roc Nation artist doubled down on his statement with his Instagram Story post. “As long as I gotta pay rent Im gonna be outside!!” he wrote on Sunday. “Child support don’t give a f**k about corona either.”

Casanova explained the reason why he stays outside after people attacked him for seemingly ignoring public health as he shared a video of him and his entourage on the street in New York City, reportedly to film a music video, on Saturday.

“We all test positive for corona,” he jokingly said in the video, as he stood close to other men behind him. “We don’t give a f**k. We outside. We don’t give a f**k.” He also announced the music video filming on Instagram Stories, writing, “Video shoot in Flatbush right now. This show don’t stop. I’m still outside.”

In another post, he shared footage of his mother trying to prevent him from being outside, only to laugh at her warning. “CORONA BROUGHT MY MOTHER OUTSIDE! ITS FUNNY HOW BAD THINGS MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN LOVE YOU PANAMANIAN QUEEN (SB) I HAVEN’TSEEN HER IN 2 YEARS ‼”

Later in the middle of the video shooting, cops swarmed the set to shut down the filming. Video from the set shows a hectic scene with a lot of yelling and screaming at the officers. At one point, Casanova can be heard telling an officer, “Sergeant, you not built like that.” He also told the officers to “get home safe” before storming off.

People have since called him out for being “ignorant,” “irresponsible and irritating.” Another slammed him, “Oh the Stupidity. Clearly it’s a pandemic going on and you chose to shoot a f**kin video just to post on instagram and try to look like u doin something right. Now if he would’ve got shot or something then n***as would’ve wanted a protest for this ignorance. Pick ur battles.” Someone else weighed in, “So sad ppl are not taking this seriously until it…….nvm.”

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