Rod Stewart Sends Surprise Check To Student Nurse Infected With COVID-19

Rod Stewart recently sent a surprise “get well soon” card, and a check for $6,000 to a student nurse, who had gone into a 22-day Coronavirus coma earlier this month.

“My house phone rang one day, and it was a lady saying, ‘I’m calling on behalf of Rod Stewart,'” the 35-year-old student nurse, Natasha Jenkins, from Barry in South Wales, shared with People magazine.

A mother of three, Jenkins finished a four-week placement at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, but contracted the virus by the following Sunday and underwent treatment for 5 weeks before she was able to return home to her children.

“It was literally just a photo of himself — he just wrote on the photo — and then it was just a check and the envelope. I was like, ‘Wow!’ I was only expecting a card or something!” she continued.

“The money is just going to be put away until I need it really.
There’s not too much I can do at the moment but it’s just one less worry isn’t it, the money issues and everything,” she added. “It’s just so sweet.”

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