Ronnie Magro to Jen Harley: Move Out of Your House or Im Gonna Sue You!

Folks, it brings us no pleasure to inform you that Ronnie Magro is back on his BS.

Insiders say the Jersey Shore star pledged to change and leave his rage-fueled ways behind him after he got engaged to Saffire Matos.

But we’re not convinced that Ron has made as much progress as he claims.

In fact, much to the chagrin of everyone who wanted to believe he’s on the upswing, the guy is still butting heads with his deeply troubled baby mama, Jen Harley.

Ron and Jen parted ways several years ago, of course, but they’re still bound together by their 3-year-old daughter Ariana.

That would be a good thing if these two had managed to set aside their differences in favor of making Ariana’s happiness and well-being their top priority.

But that’s not what they’ve done.

Ron and Jen are still super messed-up individually, and they’re still feuding with one another on a regular basis.

Earlier this year, Ron was arrested on domestic violence charges, and he avoided prison only because his fiance had a change of heart and decided not to testify against him.

For her part, Harley was charged with felony domestic assault in September, but her charges were also dropped.

You’d think all these close calls with prison would have Ron and Jen scared straight, but it seems that they’re both still in the habit of playing petty games with one another.

Case in point, TMZ is now reporting that Ron has filed suit against Jen and is demanding that she sell the house the two of them purchased while they were still dating.

According to court papers obtained by the site, Ron and Jen took out a mortgage together, but she’s stopped making the monthly payments.

Magro claims Harley hasn’t made any payments on the  $725,000, 3,000 square foot home since July of 2021.

Making matters worse, he says she borrowed more money to make improvements on the property, but she hasn’t made any payments on those either.

So now, there’s a lien on the Las Vegas property, and Ron says he’s on the hook for utility and HOA payments, as well.

Jen’s lawyers paint a very different picture, claiming that the house belongs to her, and she even paid Ronnie the outstanding balance on the mortgage.

Both parties have long histories of lying, so it’s tough to know who to believe in this situation.

Whatever the case, Jen lives with Ariana, of whom she still has primary physical custody, and you’d think that would factor into Ron’s decision making here.

Sure, he could sue Jen and have her kicked out of the only home his daughter has ever known.

Or, since he somehow hasn’t been fired from Jersey Shore and, thus, is still making several million dollars a year for putting in like six weeks of “work,” he could just help Jen out of this bind for Ariana’s sake.

Now, the old, angry Ron would definitely take the punitive route, but isn’t this guy constantly trying to convince everyone that he’s changed?

Situations like this are opportunities to prove that instead of just talking about it.

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