Russell Simmons’ Daughter ‘Ashamed’ of Her Non-Black Friends’ Silence on George Floyd’s Death

Aoki Lee Simmons sends a poetic and strong message to her study buddies, her dancing partner and other acquaintances, criticizing their lack of response to the recent police brutality on black community.

AceShowbizRussell Simmons‘ daughter Aoki Lee Simmons has expressed her disappointment at her non-black friends for their lack of response to the social injustice received by George Floyd that led to his death. Taking to her Instagram page, the 17-year-old has sent a strong message to those who remain silent on the issue.

“My non-black friends, I cannot begin to unpack your silence,” Aoki, who is the younger of the music producer and Kimora Lee Simmons‘ two daughters, began. “I am scared of what it will tell me. The things you are here for and the things you are not, what do they say about you? About me for choosing you? I am ashamed that this is as far as I will go, a toe in the water of truth.”

She continued her poetic post, “Just a shade of the other side of myself, that side buried or surfaced that is blackness beyond color. Beyond my hair taking longer to style than yours while we sit side by side in the salon. But I see, and I see your silence. I understand now, that you will only interact with the girl you understand. Because she is just like you, at a good school like you, good family like you. But blackness? I guess that’s not like you.”

“I don’t expect you to be a mind reader. You’ve been told explicitly in black and white and subtweet. You know the brutal message I have received. If black people need you, I need you. And you know me right?” she went calling out her non-black acquaintances. “Your study buddy, your dance partner, your romantic interest, the very same. So don’t say you didn’t know, I’ve just told you. Be honest, and say for that side of me, you didn’t care.”

Aoki, who is a Harvard University Student, captioned it with “Feeling black, might delete later.” The Thursday, May 28 post, however, remains on her page more than 19 hours after it was uploaded.

Aoki’s post was a response to the recent incident, during which George Floyd was suffocated to death during arrest by police in Minneapolis. The shocking tragedy has sparked backlash from people nationwide, including celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill, who demand for justice for George.

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