Sam Smith's lockdown 'meltdown' compared to Captain Tom's fundraising

Fans of Sam Smith have rushed to their defence after trolls cruelly compared their quarantine meltdown to elderly war veteran Captain Tom Moore who has raised millions of pounds for the NHS.

Last month, the Stay With Me singer opened up about their struggles being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic with a photo of them bowing their head in despair at their home in London. 

‘Stages of a quarantine meltdown,’ they captioned the image. 

This week, Captain Tom, aged 99, has become a national treasure and hero after successfully completing 100 laps around his garden to raise money for the NHS fighting on the coronavirus frontlines.

Captain Tom, who served in the Second World War, has incredibly raised more than £15 million for the healthcare service and vows to continue doing laps until the donations stop. 

Many have now criticised Sam, 27, for complaining about having to stay home during the pandemic and compared their struggles to Tom’s heroic mission. 

But fans of the singer have urged the trolls to #BeKind, while reminding them that it was only two months ago that social media vowed to stop spreading negativity following the death of Caroline Flack. 

‘Do people realise that you can praise and have admiration for the INCREDIBLE #SirTomMoore  while not shitting on others like Sam Smith?’ a Twitter user questioned, adding: ‘Stop comparing how people are dealing with this situation. You can support heros like Tom and NHS workers AND support those struggling with MH [mental health].’ 

Calling out the critics, another weighed in: ‘The veteran raising £££ for the NHS is amazing & rightly being applauded. Using his achievement to troll Sam Smith & mock their suffering is disgraceful. Rich, successful ppl experience the whole spectrum of MH issues too, partic in these surreal circumstances. Remember #bekind?’ 

‘So because Sam Smith isn’t a 99 year old war veteran, he isn’t allowed to have mental health issues? F**k that,’ one impassioned supporter stated. 

‘People on Twitter using Capt Tom Moore’s remarkable achievement to have a go at Michael Ball & Sam Smith.  How quickly everyone forgets about Caroline Flack. If you don’t like someone, keep it to yourself,’ another reminded them. 

Sympathising with Sam struggling without contact from family and friends, another chimed in: ‘Sam Smith is clearly having a tough time, but is also helping raise awareness of MH. It’s OK to find these times tough. Those that were touched by #bekind – remember those emotions now, and don’t jump on the bandwagon.’ 

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