Shaquille O’Neal crashes first grade students’ online class

Shaquille O’Neal surprised a group of first graders by crashing their online class amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former NBA star, who is a family friend of a student at East Lake Elementary school in McDonough, Georgia, decided to cheer up the unsuspecting students while their school is closed, according to TMZ.

The class’ teacher was in the middle of a lesson when the 7-foot-1 legend popped onto the screen via video chat.

“Is that Shaq?” the teacher exclaimed in video obtained by the website.

Students and their parents immediately got excited and were seen pulling out their cellphones to snap pics of the 48-year-old on the screen.

“It was really cool,” one parent told TMZ.

He apparently stayed on for a few minutes to greet everyone in the chat.

Shaq is one of the many stars trying to raise awareness about staying healthy over coronavirus fears and even jokingly started the Lysol Challenge, where he sprays himself down with the disinfectant spray.

“Thanks LYSOL. Everybody be safe love y’all,” he wrote on Instagram on Monday.

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