Simone Biles Has To Google How Many Medals She Has!

Simone Biles may be one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time, but she’s not entirely sure just how many medals she has!

In her new Vogue interview, the 23-year-old gymnast revealed that she knows she has a lot but would have to Google for an exact number.

“I should probably memorize this answer, but it keeps changing,” she said.

When someone called out, “The most!”, Simone replied with, “Yeah, I do have the most… I think it’s at 25, but I’m not really sure. I would have to google it.”

Simone has a total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, making her the third most decorated gymnast!

Back in October, she picked up five more medals at the 2019 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, making her the most decorated American gymnast.

Simone also recently picked up a different kind of trophy to add to her collection!

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