Sport Bettors Still Gambling Through Coronavirus, Check the Weather

The sun will come out … and when it does someone’s gonna make bank!!! Bettors benched by coronavirus shutting down sports are turning their eyes and wallets to the weather.

Bovada — one of the country’s leading online sportsbooks — tells TMZ … since pro sporting events, games and seasons have been canceled or postponed — their customers are laying wagers on the site’s “Weather Betting” channel. It’s way less complicated than typical sports bets … which may be a good or bad thing.

The vast majority of Bovada’s weather bets are simply about the temperature in a particular U.S. city. For instance, will it be over or under a certain degree on an upcoming day. In L.A., the line is set at 61 degrees. The odds for over or under that temp are equal … if you lay down $120 and you’re on the correct side of the thermometer, you’ll win $100.

Long story short, there’s no favorite or underdog — ya just gotta guess right! Now, we’re not saying you’re a degenerate gambler if you’re wagering money on Friday’s weather in Billings, Montana, but … y’know.

Look, until the Lakers, Rockets, Yankees and Red Sox get back in the swing … weather’s all ya got.

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