Strip Club Takes Anti-Coronavirus Measures, Makes PSA for Customers

Larry Flynt‘s Hustler Club is not closing up shop as fears mount over the spread of coronavirus — instead, it’s educating customers on cleaning up their act … pre-lap dance!!!

The Las Vegas strip club actually has a PSA to remind its patrons about the best coronavirus defense … simply washing your hands. Hustler’s hammering home the point with an assist from some of its dancers.

It’s catchy — the video, that is — but the Surgeon General would NOT approve of the face mask use!!! Not due to the boobs, but because they don’t actually protect you.

Seriously though, a Vegas strip joint might seem like a potential coronavirus hot zone. It’s got tourists from around the globe, cash is notoriously filthy and there’s the up-close contact of a lap dance — but the Hustler Club’s taking extra precautions.

We’re told Larry Flynt’s hired a professional custodian company — super-janitors if you will — to sanitize the club daily. They’ve also hired additional porters for more on-the-spot cleaning throughout the night. Phew.

You’ll probably still go home broke and covered in glitter, but you won’t have a deadly virus. Most likely. No promises.

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