The Bachelor Finale: This Freaking Guy …

Chris Harrison tried to warn us, didn’t he?

All those Bachelor spoilers tried to make it clear, didn’t they?

Heck, even random ABC executives spoke out on Tuesday night’s Season 24 finale, labeling it as dramatic and shocking and unprecedented in the history of this show.

So… did the fiinale live up to the hype? And is Peter Weber now the most villainous lead of all-time?

Following Madison’s decision to leave The Bachelor – after nearly being told to by Peter’s controlling and demanding mother – Tuesday’s season-ended opened with Hannah Ann all stressed out about who Peter would pick.

She didn’t know Madison was no longer an option – and Peter didn’t tell her right away.

Instead, he saved this tidbit for his actual, rambling proposal, which may have been the least romantic request of marriage we’ve ever seen.

And yet: Hannah Ann said yes!

The couple was happy for about .02 seconds, right up until Hannah Ann visited Peter in Los Angeles.

Both sides admitted things had been hard, with Hannah Ann telling Peter she really hadn’t been there for him since the two agreed to wed.

At this, Peter confessed that he wasn’t able to give Hannah Ann his entire heart and BOOM, that was it. Relationship over.

The show then cut to Chris Harrison paying Madison a visit, almost as if this had been in the script all along.

The host filled the virgin in on how Peter and Hannah Ann had gotten engaged and then broken up and asked if Madison was still in love with the pilot.

“I mean, like I know that I fell in love with him and those feelings have not gone away,” she replied.

“But I don’t know where his head is at and what’s going on with his mom right now. I guess it’s just a little confusing to me.”

Harrison tried to make it more clear, telling Madison “I think his dream is he would be with you.”

“I’m like shaking,” Madison said, with a smile. “I mean, if we had a second chance at this, I’d take it in a heartbeat.”

And take it she did, agreeing to return to Los Angeles and fight for the love she thought had died when Peter slept with other women right in front of her eyes and then she got all mad and then his mom bawled over the prospect of Peter ending up with her.

The finale then cut to Madison arriving in Los Angeles, where she found Peter poolside at a home. He pretended to be surprised she was there.

“Chris came and told me what happened and the situation. I just knew I wanted to see you,” Madison explained.

“I fell for you and that never changed and I have been struggling with it ever since I got home until now and what I like felt for you in Australia, literally, like, it has not gone away at all.

“I think in a way I was hoping that it would and I would get closure and I just never did.

‘I know that I still have so much love in my heart for you.”

Peter was in shock. Very happy shock, that is.

“I made a million and one mistakes, but like I know that I fell in love with you and I know that I said that I messed up … and I’m so sorry for that,” he told Madison.

‘But like I just haven’t fallen out of love with you. Obviously we hurt both of each other like crazy and obviously you’re here right now for a reason.”

So, what do we do, he asked…  just before ABC went from the finale to the live After the Final Rose special.

“I love Peter and that hasn’t changed since that day in Australia,” Madison said, sitting alongside the pilot on stage and adding:

“And the love and care that we have for one another, I feel like it’s so evident and obviously. …. Those feelings just never went away.”

As for Weber?

“We’ve both been really hurt, extremely hurt … and I know there’s a lot of healing that both of us have to do,” he said.

“But, I’m still sitting here on a couch next to you right now and through everything, that makes me happy.”

“Do you want to give this relationship a real shot?” Harrison asked.

“I think that I know how we both feel about each other and I feel like taking it one step at a time, one day at a time is possibly the smartest,” responded Weber.

And there you have it, Bachelor Nation.

Peter proposed to Hannah Ann in a half-assed manner; dumped her almost immediately; and ended the season simply dating Madison without any commitment to get married.

What a ride, huh?

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