The Love Is Blind Couples Learned a Lot About Each Other Playing "Never Have I Ever" on Ellen

You’re never done learning new things about your significant other, particularly if you were separated by frosted glass upon meeting for the first time. Shortly after their highly anticipated reunion episode, the enduring couples from Netflix’s Love Is Blind — that’s Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett, and Damian and Giannina — made a lighthearted appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, complete with a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

A few key revelations: Lauren is strongly against sharing toothbrushes, Barnett gave Amber a lap dance at their wedding, and they have all had sex in public. (For Barnett and Amber, that also happened at their wedding!) One of our favorite moments, however, might have to be Cameron learning Lauren has been in handcuffs before, prompting Lauren to say, “He’s like, ‘Who are you?!'” Watch the enlightening game in its entirety above.

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