The Sussexes discuss Black Lives Matter in a Queen’s Commonwealth Trust video

It’s both painful and funny to see how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to do work to make the Crown look good. Queen Elizabeth – aka Liz of House Petty – has barely done anything over the past four months regarding all of the global conversations on public health, public safety and race and racism. Liz has not said one f–king word about Black Lives Matter, and there are no “palace sources” running around claiming that of course the Queen cares about racial issues in her country and her commonwealth. They can’t say that because it would never even occur to them, just as it hasn’t occurred to the Queen to say jack sh-t. It’s because the Queen really and truly does not believe that black lives matter.

So in the absence of words or support from the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William or any other senior royal, it’s left to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to speak about BLM through their roles in the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. They still hold positions with the QCT, even though Liz of House Petty made them “give up” almost all of their other positions. They spoke to young activists about calls to action, racism, owning their mistakes and what’s next for racial and social justice movements. Here’s the video:

So even though the establishment and the royal industrial complex is hellbent on smearing Harry and Meghan constantly, and even though palace sources continue to insist that H&M are unimportant and unroyal, they continue to be the ONLY royals talking about BLM, especially in connection to the Queen’s Commonwealth. You know, the commonwealth of nations which is overwhelmingly young, black and brown. Meghan and Harry were always more appealing to the commonwealth, thus helping the monarchy. If I was in their position, I would withdraw from the QCT and tell the palace that they couldn’t use us as Inclusion Props anymore. Let the Top CEO and her “Bored with Racism” husband take all the questions about global racial justice movements.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, screencaps.

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