This 'Bachelor' Fan Theory Says Kelley Is Pregnant With Pilot Pete's Unborn Child

The current season of The Bachelor has been inundated with crazy theories and predictions about who is going to be given the Final Rose and eventually run off with Peter Weber into the sunset. And the newest fan theory claims that Kelley Flanagan made have won the entire competition—despite her elimination right before the hometown dates.

Theories quickly began to circulate online after a Tik Tok video from edie_v went viral right after the “Women Tell All” special. After some sleuthing via Instagram, the user found that Weber’s family members only follow her, but no other contestant—including Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss, Weber’s chosen final two. (Coincidence?)

Since then, the rumors and theories have begun to swarm. Reality Steve claimed last month that Flanagan just wasn’t invited, which would explain why she wasn’t involved in the special. (Newseek tried to get a comment from ABC about this.) In the meantime, Flanagan’s Instagram indicates that she was in Los Angeles during the same time the episode was being filmed, spending time with her fellow contestants and making things all the more suspicious.


The craziest rumor of all? Fans are speculating that Flanagan might actually be pregnant, which was theorized by another TikTok user in a video with over 110 thousand likes. Are the rumors true? Well, Reality Steve, too, debunked the rumor, saying that since the show filmed during the summer, she would be around six months pregnant. Judging by her slim figure in recent Instagram posts, it wouldn’t make sense.

Only time will tell if all the conspiracy theories will ring true and who Weber will pick as his Final Rose when the season finale airs on March 9.

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