Tina Fey Gets Emotional Over Donation Amount For COVID-19 Telethon

Tina Fey was feeling all the things as she hosted the Rise Up New York! The Robin Hood Relief Benefit this week.

Things got emotional for the -year-old entertainer when she realized that the $115 million amount that popped up on screen was the actual amount raised to benefit New Yorkers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Is this real?” she asked producers, making sure it was. “Okay. $115 million. We did this. You did this. We are difference makers. $115 million! What a great day for New York.”

Tina continued, “Thank you, for everyone, who gave and gave and gave, all over the world. There’s so much more to do. Please visit robinhood.org. Donate. Share it. Tell your friends. Please. Let’s keep this going.”

“Robin Hood’s site will say open after this telethon is over because this battle is far from over. Thank you.”

See the video below!

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