Toddler Intercepted by White House Security After Slipping Through Gate

toddler secret service

The White House encountered a major breach, a potential threat to our national security like never before — nah, we’re kidding, and we sorta mean that literally this time.

A very young boy was too little to be held back Tuesday by a North Lawn gate at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The fencing is generally an effective way to keep tourists far away from the President’s residence, but this kid found a way onto White House grounds.

toddler secret service

It’s unclear exactly how the toddler got by, but, presumably, he just wormed through the metal rods — as he certainly looks small enough to squeeze in without issue.

In any case, this little rascal doesn’t appear to have gotten far. As you can see in these pics, WH security intercepted him pretty quickly — and then escorted him back to his parents on the north side. In one photo, he looks like he’s being carried by 2 guards — almost like he’s getting a perp walk or something. 😅

toddler secret service

Of course, in reality, they were handling him with care … the boy doesn’t look any older than 4 or so. It also seems the security personnel had a good laugh over the whole thing.

Federal law enforcement sources tell TMZ the boy is Canadian and had stopped at the White House with his family to take a picture.

Like we said, the little guy was reunited with Mama and Papa Bear on the other side — who appeared relieved … and maybe a little embarrassed. All’s well that ends well, though … the Secret Service called their impromptu guest a “curious young visitor” who triggered their alarms instantly and who was returned without issue. Sources said Secret Service interviewed the family and determined they posed no threat.

toddler secret service

Considering how crafty he proved himself to be, maybe the U.S. government can use his services when he’s all grown-up. Spies are real people — and this very James Bond-esque.

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