Upper West Side plastic surgeon offers facilities to overworked ERs

An Upper West Side surgeon is turning his operating room — usually used for boob jobs and nipping and tucking — into an “emergency room offload” during the COVID-19 crisis.

“For the next few weeks, all cosmetic surgical procedures have been postponed,” Dr. Kevin Tehrani told us, “and I will make my accredited ambulatory surgical centers available to support emergency rooms, which are experiencing critical demand.”

The idea is to help take the load off ERs that are feeling the strain because of coronavirus cases by using his facility for unrelated injuries and illnesses. He says he can help with lacerations, infections and wound care.

And while he plans to do the work himself, we’re told, he’s “open to having other board-certified plastic surgeons that would like to help come and provide emergency services with him.”

And he’s urging his fellow scalpel specialists to join him in offering up ventilators to local hospitals. With New York City hospitals facing a looming shortage of ventilators, Tehrani told us, “Not all plastic surgeons have a ventilator. I happen to have two. One in each of my locations. I am happy to give them up as needed and will certainly encourage other plastic surgeons to do the same.”

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