Victoria Beckham Shifts Blame of 'Farting' to Her Dog During Baking Clip

Husband, David, wasn’t buying it.

Posh Spice attempted to keep her civilized reputation intact on Tuesday after posting a disruptive video.

Victoria Beckham took to Instagram to share a baking video with her husband, David, as they prepared a lemon drizzle cake while at home practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the mother-of-four poured the batter into a mixer, a "farting" sound could be heard in the background, and Victoria was all-too-quick to blame the apparent flatulence on her pooch, Fig.

"That’s the dog — that was the dog making that noise," she burst out with a laugh.

Her famous footballer husband, David, wouldn’t let his wife downplay the crime, teasing, "Victoria, don’t lie."

After Victoria attempted to shame the poor pup again in a quintessential "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" moment, David pressed on saying, "Seriously, you know you had baked beans for lunch."

"Oh my god, stop," she retorted.

The couple continued to whisk the batter and pour it into a mold, as Victoria remarked how well the two worked together creating a masterpiece on their trial run.

"I reckon we’re going to get our own TV show with this, with this fantastic cake we made," she said. "We have never made a cake before — this is the first time."

The global fashion icon then mused on how the next step was a little less exciting.

"And guess who gets to clear up all this mess — me," Victoria explained. "The clearing up is never the fun bit. This is what I do — I now load this dishwasher for about the 25th time today."

"I’m thrilled about it," she quipped.

She then joked to David that she has become "extremely close" with the dishwasher.

And the pop star continued her impromptu stand-up routine, as they tested the cake to make sure David’s "prick" came out dry by pushing a toothpick into the dessert.

While David began to brush the lemon glaze over the cake, Victoria dropped the mic by stating, "I think it’s one of those cakes that taste better than it looks."

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