Waka Flocka Flame Preaches Over Lil Pump Rocking a Purse After Slamming Men for Acting Feminine

The ‘No Hands’ hitmaker urges people not to judge and not to hate the ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper for wearing a Gucci women’s purse, after he was slammed for mocking men dressing like a female for Flip the Switch challenge.

AceShowbizWaka Flocka Flame has weighed in on Lil Pump‘s latest social media antics and his comments were quite shocking. The 33-year-old appears to change his stance on men who are acting like women as he preached about no judging and no hate while addressing the younger star’s photo of him rocking a women’s purse.

In Pump’s Instagram picture which he shared on Saturday, March 14, he went shirtless while wearing a diamond necklace, a white beanie and orange shorts, but what stood out the most was his Gucci purse. He captioned the snap, “Princess pump,” while hinting that his new album “Lil Pump 2” is coming soon.

Reposting Pump’s photo on his own page, Waka shared his thought on the “Drug Addicts” spitter’s style as he wrote in the caption, “What they do in they community is on them!! Don’t judge!! Don’t hate!! just protect our young men and teach them the importance and responsibilities of a real man. We all play a part!!” The post, however, has since been removed from Flame’s account.

Despite Waka’s message of love, social media users didn’t hold back from voicing their opinions on Pump’s bizarre style, with one commenting, “Lil Pump look like what I stepped on YESTERDAY.” Another remarked, “this gay af,” while a hater said, “Pump is canceled.”

Another agreed with Waka as writing, “I see no lies in what Waka is saying… The community is out to get us.”

Waka’s comments on Pump’s woman accessory were in contrast to what he previously said about men acting like female for the viral Flip the Switch challenge. Completely against it, he posted on Instagram over the weekend, “This flip the switch challenge making me realize a lot.” He then continued in the caption, “Never will I act or dress like a female.”

He further lashed out at the challenge as writing, “This flip the switch challenge making me realize a lot. Not for promo. Not for comedy and damn sure not for a f**king challenge. Where’s the be a real man challenge it’s like being feminine a wave please stay [WOKE].”

His rants sparked backlash from people, including his wife Tammy Rivera who didn’t seem to understand the reason why he seemed to be so mad at the challenge. “WAKA no one cares let ppl enjoy their thing damn…,” she told him.

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