Watch Mark Hamill's Amazing Reaction to Young Amputee's 'R2-D2' Bionic Arm

Just call Mark Hamill your everyday hero. In a tweet on Tuesday, the Star Wars alum shared a video of his Skype call with an 11-year-old girl named Bella Tadlock, who recently received a robotic arm in the style of her favorite character from the mega-franchise, R2-D2.

Open Bionics, a UK-based company, recently partnered with Lucasfilm to decorate limbs based on Star Wars characters. Tadlock, born without fingers on her right hand and a shorter left arm than her right, was able to successfully raise over $13,000 in order to receive a “Hero Arm.” (The young girl is an apparent superfan of Star Wars). Hamill himself donated to the cause and tweeted about Tadlock’s story to his 3.6 million Twitter followers last November.

Hamill’s efforts seem to have paid off as she became the first person to receive the robotic arm with designs based on R2-D2—which she proudly displayed to Luke Skywalker himself on the Skype call. During the conversation, he explained to the young girl that his daughter, Chelsea, was the one to alert him to the news of her bionic arm.

It was wonderful talking with Bella & seeing her incredible new #R2D2HeroArm- This is what a real-life hero looks like! Thanks to @openbionics for making this happen & offering hope to so many deserving recipients. #BionicBella ♥️

“… I have to tell you—I’m a big fan of yours,” he told her. “I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy that you were able to have this happen for you. They call it a Hero Arm because you really are a hero.”


Tadlock’s Hero Arm works by using signals from muscles in the limb to make it move, according to the New York Post. Because of this, Tadlock has the ability to participate in activities like other kids her age, as in, riding bikes around the block or even cooking.

Naturally, Hamill ended the call in the only way Luke Skywalker would: “May the Force be with you always.”

“It was wonderful talking with Bella and seeing her incredible new R2-D2 robot arm,” the actor later tweeted. “This is what a real hero looks like!”

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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