We Made Lil Yachty Stalk Himself on Instagram and He Found Some Truly Wild Stuff

To be honest, I am very proud to admit that my social media creeping skills are quite stellar—because that’s kinda par for the course in this day and age. But, I’m not sure if Lil Yachty knows this yet because we made him stalk his hashtag on Instagram (yep, #lilyachty) in our series Instastalk Yourself where we gave him prompts and he had to find a picture in the #lilyachty feed to match…and he wasn’t as speedy as we would’ve imagined a Gen Z-er would be!!

Right off the bat, Lil Yachty made it clear that he uses the ‘Gram to show off his super swaggy outfits. Okaaaay, like, same, but is that enough to prove your creeper talents are tip top? For his first prompt (out of 15!!!) we asked him to find a rapper that was NOT himself and he was quick to find one of his collaborators, Lil Baby! Not a bad start!

Next we asked him to hunt for a photo of him and his mom, which, you wouldn’t think would be that hard to find? Welp, he didn’t come across one but instead found a video of an interview he did that he doesn’t really remember? OOP.

We then told him to find a shot of him at a basketball game and he was lucky that he had been at a Nets game the night before because he found a fan edit of himself recording a video of Future. Uhuh, Future was casually sitting across from him court-side. Nbd, whatevs. But point for our mans!! He was able to rack up some more wins, but, I’d still say that he needs to keep on practicing his Instagram stalking abilities. You’ll get it, Lil Yachty!

Make sure you tune in and watch the rest of the video because he just maaay have thrown a bit of shade at your favorite TikTokers while he was creeping and exposed a leaked a song!! We love to see it!

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