Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Blames His Cheating Behavior on Her Massive Workload and Alcohol Abuse

It was also said that in some new interviews, Kevin admits to cheating on 55-year-old ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ host throughout their entire 20-year marriage.

AceShowbizWendy Williams‘ ex-husband Kevin Hunter gets candid about the reason why he cheated on the TV host during their marriage. During interviews with YouTube star Tasha K, he revealed that his affairs had something to do with Wendy’s work ethic and alcohol abuse.

He allegedly explained to Tasha that he began cheating on Wendy because she wasn’t around most of the time. “Tasha, the reason I cheated is because Wendy never took a day off…,” Kevin told her. “I would try to get her to take vacations and then when she did have time off, she [Williams] would be drinking, or doing drugs, and I wanted a wife.”

According to the YouTuber, Kevin also told her that Wendy would let executives talk down to him. “Tasha I just needed some solace, she wouldn’t listen to me, she was letting them executives talk s**t to me,” he reportedly said.

It was also said that Kevin admitted to cheating on “The Wendy Williams Show” host throughout their entire 20-year marriage. However, he only had a full-blown relationship with longtime mistress Sharina Hudson. “She wasn’t the only one…and whatever we were doing during that time, I always went home to my wife at the end of the night,” Kevin said of Sharina, with whom he shares a child together.

Kevin added that Charlamagne Tha God, who introduced Kevin to Sharina, didn’t approve of their relationship. “He [Charlamagne] really liked shorty [Sharina]. He used to tow her to me like, ‘Yo, she the baddest girl in town, nobody can’t get her,’ ” Kevin alleged. “He did not expect for us to hit it off the way we did. I didn’t expect it, I know she didn’t.”

His infidelity led Wendy to file for divorce from him in 2019. Their divorce was later finalized in January.

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