Why Lady Gaga is ‘crazy about’ her new beau, plus more celeb news

Why Lady Gaga is so crazy about her new beau

When Lady Gaga told her “little monsters” that she and her new man Michael Polasky “had so much fun in Miami” during the Super Bowl — and even shared a photo of herself in his lap — the romantic reveal came as a surprise to fans who’ve gotten used to Lady G. keeping things somewhat under wraps in the love department. But as E! News points out, the new romance comes just ahead of the release of a new video for Gaga’s first solo recording in three years, “Stupid Love,” which suggests Michael’s only fueling more creativity for the singer. Michael, by the way, is hardly a slouch, himself, in the working world. The Harvard grad heads up the $600 million Parker Foundation and sits on the board of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. All of these things seem to be compelling for Gaga. “She’s really into him!” gushes one insider, adding that the two “are opposites of each other, which all-around is a good thing for her.” The other key point? “He definitely cares a lot about Gaga,” the source tells E! In return, the insider adds, she is most certainly “crazy about him.”

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