Winona Ryder: Johnny Depp Is NOT an Woman Beater!

Back in March of 2019, Johnny Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Amber Heard, alleging that his ex-wife had violated a non-disclosure agreement she signed at the time if their divorce by identifying herself as an abuse victim in an essay she wrote for the Washington Post.

Now, the case is finally going to trial — and it seems it’ll be a star-studded affair.

According to documents obtained by Page Six, Winona Ryder — a former fiancee of Depp’s — submitted a declaration on the actor’s behalf.

In her letter to the judge, Ryder — who dated Depp from 1989 to 1993 — states that finds it impossible to believe the actor would ever commit an act of domestic violence.

”I knew Johnny very well years ago. We were together as a couple for four years, and I counted him as my best friend, and as close to me as family,” Ryder wrote.

“I count our relationship as one of the more significant relationships of my life. I understand that it is very important that I speak from my own experience,” she continued.

“I obviously was not there during his marriage to Amber, but, from my experience, which was so wildly different, I was absolutely shocked, confused and upset when I heard the accusations against him,” the actress added.

Ryder went on to say that she experienced nothing in the way of violence or abuse during her four-year relationship with Depp.

“The idea that he is an incredibly violent person is the farthest thing from the Johnny I knew and loved. I cannot wrap my head around these accusations,” the actress continued.

“He was never, never violent towards me,” she stated.

“He was never, never abusive at all towards me. He has never been violent or abusive towards anybody I have seen.”

From there, Ryder admitted that she knew little about Depp’s relationship with Heard, but continued to sing her ex’s praises, telling the court that she can’t imagine he would be capable of the acts he’s been accused of.

“I truly and honestly only know him as a really good man – an incredibly loving, extremely caring guy who was so very protective of me and the people that he loves, and I felt so very, very safe with him,” she wrote.

“I do not want to call anyone a liar but from my experience of Johnny, it is impossible to believe that such horrific allegations are true. I find it extremely upsetting knowing him as I do.”

Well, there you have it.

Winona will likely take some flak for this, but character witnesses are customary in cases such as this one, and she’s simply sharing her experience.

Depp and Heard’s civil trial is likely to be a long end exceedingly ugly one.

Both parties have leveled abuse allegations at one another, and the public is likely to gain new insights into the nature of the actors’ brief marriage.

Already, attorneys for Depp have mistakenly submitted 70,000 of the actor’s text messages to London tabloid The Sun.

Meanwhile, an audio recording in which Heard admits to assaulting Depp has made it’s way across social media and is likely to do permanent damage to her career.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this developing story as further information becomes available.

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