‘Women Tell All’ Recap: Victoria F. Denies ‘Breaking Up Marriages’ — Plus, More Wild Moments

Peter Weber came face-to-face with the women he sent home on ‘The Bachelor’ during the ‘Women Tell All’ special on March 2, including the controversial Victoria Fuller, who had a lot to say.

Several of the women from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor are back for the Women Tell All special on March 2! The ladies come together to break down everything that happened this season, while Peter also confronts the most recent women he eliminated — Victoria Fuller and Kelsey Weier. We’re breaking down the biggest moments of the reunion special, including Victoria finally addressing the accusations that she ‘broke up several marriages.’ Here’s how it went down

1. Everyone vs. Alayah: Throughout the season, Alayah was at the center of a lot of drama, and, at Women Tell All, Sydney and Lexi stand by their accusations that she was “fake” and “turning it on for the cameras” while filming. Sydney also accuses Alayah of reading Reddit threads about the women after her elimination, and says she tried to come back on the show simply to expose what she learned. “I thought that was malicious,” Lexi tells Alayah. Alayah says she regrets not “shutting her mouth,” but insists there was never any ‘fakeness’ to who she was in front of the cameras.

2. Victoria P. vs. Alayah: During the show, Victoria P. and Alayah gave different accounts of how well they knew each other before the show. Alayah said she was friends with Victoria after meeting through beauty pageants, while Victoria claimed they never spent more than three hours together. At Women Tell All, Victoria P. is called out for talking s*** about Alayah, but then comforting her to her face. “You are the FAKEST person in the house,” Savannah tells Victoria. “You wanted everyone to be against her.” This results in a screaming match amongst all the women, where nothing is resolved.

3. Tammy vs. Kelsey: Kelsey confronts Tammy about accusing her of being an “alcoholic” and “popping pills” after she got emotional over Sydney’s one-on-one date on the show. “I never called you an alcoholic!” Tammy insists. “I did not call her a pill popper. Those words did not come out of my mouth!” Tammy insists she was coming from a “place of concern,” but Savannah calls her out for “coming at Kelsey in her most vulnerable moment.” Finally, Kelsey jumps in, and tells Tammy, in tears, “By you claiming that I’m emotionally unstable, having a mental breakdown, having alcoholic tendencies….it’s a strong accusation to make about somebody. By you putting that out there, now I’m labeled as something that I’m not. It’s also very rude to people who do go through those diseases. I’m not okay with that.”

4. Tammy vs. Mykenna: After their drama on the show, where Tammy called Mykenna fake in front of the cameras, the two were put on the dreaded two-on-one date with Peter. Mykenna calls Tammy out for apologizing to her on Twitter, but not doing so in real life. “You made me feel horrible about myself,” Tammy admits. “I did not feel worthy about being there. But if anything, you taught me how I don’t want to treat people and who I don’t want to be.” Tammy accuses Mykenna of “rehearsing” everything she said, and the ladies go back and forth. By the end of their conversation, it seems that nothing is resolved.

5. Kelsey in the hot seat: Kelsey was eliminated after hometown dates, and she sits down with Chris Harrison for some one-on-one time. She gets emotional while watching back footage of her journey with Peter. “[The breakup] was hard,” she says. “I really envisioned my future with him.” Kelsey also defends getting emotional on the show, and thanks Peter for “appreciating [her] vulnerability” and “not running” away when she was crying. “I’m an emotional person and I’m proud of that,” Kelsey says. She also gets a special visit from former emotional contestant, Ashley Iaconetti, who gifts her with a giant bottle of champagne in honor of the viral moment where champagne exploded all over her face during a conversation with Peter on the show!

6. Victoria F. in the hot seat: The most recently-eliminated contestant, Victoria F., who went home after the fantasy suite, is in the hot seat next. Like Kelsey, she cries while watching back her journey on the show. She admits to being “frustrated” with herself for pushing Peter away so much throughout the season. “I didn’t realize how much he cared about me,” she explains. “I wish I would’ve let him love me the way he wanted to sooner. I think it would’ve been a lot different.” She also adds that she felt it was “easier to push [Peter] away because it was easier to just not have him at all than to lose him at the end of it.”

Victoria also addresses Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence’s, hometown date accusation that Victoria “broke up” several marriages. She says there’s “absolutely” no truth to the rumor, and admits it was “extremely frustrating” to hear that Merissa said that. “Once that’s out there…people think that about you,” Victoria explains, adding, “I definitely could’ve handled it better, obviously. I could’ve handled the whole f***ing season better! But you can’t go back in time.”

7. Peter confronts the women. From most of the women, there is little animosity towards Peter. Kelsey thanks him for showing her what she knows she wants in a future relationship, and he admits that breaking up with her was hard. Victoria also thanks him for being “so patient,” and she apologies for “putting [him] through hell” when he didn’t always deserve it. “I’ve always said, love is patient,” Peter tells Victoria. “When you find someone that you care strongly about…I’m not someone who gives up on that easily. I really do feel good about our relationship and what both of us took from it.” They both end the conversation on a good note, and agree that there’s no animosity between them.

Meanwhile, Mykenna calls Peter out for keeping her after the two-on-one date with Tammy, only to eliminate her at the very next rose ceremony. “Going into that night, I didn’t know for sure where all the roses were going,” Peter explains. “I promise you. I wouldn’t have put you through that if I did. I wanted that night to have a couple more conversations and I’m sorry it came off that way.”

Savannah flat-out asks Peter if he regrets keeping some of the women who caused drama on the show, instead of people who were there for the right reasons. “I’ve seen a lot going around that I rewarded the drama,” Peter says. “There’s definitely a lot I would have handled differently, but I only had my perspective. I truly was following my heart and doing what I thought I had to do. I was trying my best.” He also admits to “making a lot of mistakes,” but says he’s okay with it, because he’s learned from it.

The Bachelor will conclude with a two-night finale on March 9 and March 10. Viewers will finally find out how Peter’s season ends, and Chris Harrison says it’s an ending that “no one will see coming.”

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