Yung Berg Claims Pistol-Whipped Victim Set Him Up for Armed Home Invasion

Denying that the woman who accused him of violence was his girlfriend, the rapper, who is also known as Hitmaka, shares surveillance footage showing the alleged robbers attempting to break into his property.

AceShowbizYung Berg a.k.a. Hitmaka says he’s the victim after a woman, who claimed to be his girlfriend, reported him for alleged violence. The rapper, whose real name is Christian Ward, took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, March 17 to respond to the accusation, saying that the pistol-whipped victim “WAS NOT MY GF EVER” and she tried to set him up for a terrifying home invasion.

The 34-year-old songwriter/music producer provided footage from his surveillance camera that captured the alleged armed robbers who tried to break into his house. The guys, who tried to hide their faces with their hoodies, were seen jumping over the fence of Berg’s property. The Florida star said the intruders ran away after they triggered the alarm in his house.

“On Saturday 4:30am three gunmen made an attempt on my life & home invasion,” he wrote in the lengthy caption. “I could’ve been murdered inside my home on Saturday,” he added. “This footage is very alarming.”

Setting things straight, he said, “I must let the truth out as media outlets without having proper info are attempting to stain my character and reputation that I have spent my entire life building.” He hinted that the incident happened because he “made a crucial mistake which could’ve costed my life.”

Berg also shared a statement released by his attorney which revealed more details of the night the attempted robbery took place. According to the document, the woman named Talia Tilley had been to Berg’s house before and she convinced him to go outside to his hot tub in “50 degree weather,” which he refused. After “some physical intimacy,” she then began a “calculated, unprovoked attack on Mr. Ward, slapping and punching him repeatedly.”

The document did not mention pistol-whipping, but said that “Mr. Ward defended himself against this attack.” In the middle of the assault by Talia, his home security system was triggered by three men attempting to break into his backdoor. Following the commotion, Berg found out that Talia had been in communication with an unknown person and shared his address with the stranger.

Talia previously provided photos that showed her injuries after an alleged altercation with Berg. She received treatment at Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was diagnosed with “closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial lacerations.” She also received “several stitches.”

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