10 Funfetti Recipes On TikTok That Will Add Some Color To Your Sweet Treats

Get ready to whip up some tasty new recipes that’ll indulge your sweet tooth. TikTok has become the go-to place for simple and creative treats, and plenty of users are sharing their best Funfetti recipes on the app. Check out these colorful Funfetti recipes on TikTok for some festive treats.

There have been plenty of recipes making rounds on social media lately, such as dalgona coffee and pancake cereal, but the latest ingredient to take TikTok by storm is Funfetti cake mix. If you’re looking for a new treat to whip up in the kitchen that will look just as magical as it tastes, you can try out a Funfetti recipe. People on TikTok are experimenting with Funfetti cake mix and icing and sharing their creative ways to use the colorful, sprinkle-filled delight. From Funfetti cinnamon rolls to Funfetti cookies, these desserts are the perfect bites to share with your pals or for your next movie night at home.

1. Funfetti Dip

TikTok user @rangel.vanessa showed off a creative Funfetti dip recipe that includes Funfetti cake mix, cream cheese, cool whip, and sprinkles.

2. Funfetti Cookies

It’s time for some baking fun. Thanks to @bakingwithkate, you can create tasty cookies by mixing Funfetti cake mix, oil, and eggs, before popping scoops of the batter in the oven. You can see the full recipe in the video.

3. Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls

Making Funfetti cinnamon rolls takes a little bit of work but the result is worth it. In the full recipe video from @chelsweets, it shows you’ll need to roll up dough and add plenty of sprinkles and cinnamon filling before baking the rolls, and don’t forget to add more sprinkle on top after the icing.

4. Funfetti Mug Cake

TikTok user @jake.rottina whipped up a tasty Funfetti mug cake recipe that’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go or just want some cake right away. After mixing all the ingredients in a mug, you’ll only need to microwave it for 70 seconds.

5. Funfetti Pancakes

Start your morning off right with this tasty Funfetti pancakes recipe from @melissa_jo1. You’ll mix eggs, milk, water, funfetti cake mix, and flour all together before frying the pancakes in a buttered pan.

6. Whipped Funfetti Milk

You can quench your thirst with refreshing a whipped Funfetti milk recipe from @kortneyandkarlee. The pink concoction calls for only three ingredients: Nesquik Strawberry Milk powder, milk, and sprinkles. And you can whip it similar to dalgona coffee.

7. Funfetti Deep-Fried Oreos

You’ll need a package of Golden Oreos, pancake mix, milk, frosting, vegetable oil, and sprinkles for this decadent recipe from @cookingvideos25. The deep fried Oreos should come out golden brown.

8. Funfetti Donuts

Funfetti donuts are easy to bake in this recipe from @officialfunfoods, and a great way to use cake mix for a treat other than cake. After baking the donuts, you’ll top them off with colored frosting and sprinkles to really make them pop.

9. Funfetti Dunkaroos Dip

Get ready for a bite of nostalgia, thanks to TikToker @abbithomp47, because you can recreate Dunkaroos at home with this Funfetti Dunkaroos dip that doesn’t require any cooking. All you’ll need to do is mix together Funfetti mix, whipped cream, and milk for a creamy concoction. Grab some shortbread cookies for dipping, and you’ve got a homemade version of a childhood classic.

10. Funfetti Waffles

Why go through all the trouble of baking a cake when you can just make waffles instead? This Funfetti waffles recipe from @plur_kitten is made using Funfetti cake mix. All you’ll need to do is pour the batter into a waffle maker until it’s golden brown.

These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg of what TikTok has to offer when it comes to using Funfetti mix in creative ways, so don’t be afraid to search around for more colorful creations. And the next time you head to the grocery store, be sure to grab some Funfetti cake mix, because there is so much you can do with it.

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