4 Ways to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

Sparkling water is a refreshing soda alternative for people who are trying to drink fewer soft drinks. Although there are many brands with a variety of flavors, it’s super easy to spruce up plain or flavored seltzer water at home. And yes, you can make flavored seltzer even better by adding additional ingredients.

Here are a few ways to make festive drinks using seltzer:

Fresh fruit and Herbs

It may sound odd, but fruit and herbs are the perfect way to enhance your drink. A few of my favorite combinations are strawberries and mint or citrus and rosemary. You can also leave the herbs out and just muddle a bunch of berries in a glass of sparkling water.


It’s easy to overdo it on fruit juice if you don’t watch portion sizes. For example, 12 ounces of orange juice contains about 165 calories, which may be more than you think. Although there’s nothing wrong with drinking juice, those extra calories could make it harder for dieters to lose weight. I like to mix a one-to-one ratio of my favorite juices and sparkling water.


Generally, lemonade has a higher amount of added sugar than I’d like to consume in a beverage. Again, I mix a one-to-one ratio of lemonade or limeade with sparkling water to cut sugar. And to be perfectly honest, I actually enjoy my lemonade better with carbonation.


Recently, I’ve started including sparkling water in spicy margaritas. I mix a bit of seltzer with tequila, lime, orange juice, and Ancho Chile Liqueur.

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