5 products you should never use to clean your phone – hand sanitise

Our phones always go wherever we go. Whether we're curled up in bed, sitting on the toilet, travelling on public transport or enjoying a night out, our smartphones never leave our side.

However, this means that our phones are collecting all the bacteria and germs that might in all these places, which settle on the surface of our phone.

Before Covid-19, disinfecting and sanitising our things – including our phones – may not have been very important.

But since the pandemic, health experts have actually been suggesting we should clean our phones at least once a day.

However, before you rush off to wipe your phone with a wet cloth, here's what you need to know to clean your phone without causing any damage.

How to clean your phone?

Ideally, you should try to clean your phone at least once a day by following the cleaning instructions provided in your phone's manual.

It's important to clean your phone the right way, as doing it wrong – by using supplies like rubbing alcohol and paper towels – can strip away the coating that protects your phone and lead to damage.

If you clean it correctly, your phone will not only be free of germs and gunk, but even last for a longer time.

What can you use to clean your phone?

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When cleaning your phone, Apple advises that you use wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol, 75% ethyl alcohol or use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

The best type of cloth to wipe your phone is a soft, lint-free cloth dipped in warm soapy water to make it slightly damp . A lens cloth or microfiber cloth is a good choice.

Wiping the phone regularly with a damp microfiber cloth helps remove fingerprint smudges on the phone screen, and the method is also useful to clean the back and sides of the phone.

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You can also use a microfiber screen cleaner sticker, which you stick to the back of your phone and then pop off when you need to give it a wipe-down.

When it comes to removing lint and sand lodged in the small ports of your phone, a nifty trick is to use Scotch tape.

Lay the tape along the creases and speaker to clean out gunk in-between the screen and body of the phone. For the ports, roll it up gently place it inside. The stickiness of the tape pulls out any lint or sand in these areas.

For small speaker holes that can't be reached with tape, make use of a toothpick to gently remove the dust.

What products should you avoid when cleaning your phone?

Don't use bleach or hydrogen peroxide products to clean your phone, as these cause damage.

While you can touch your phone after using hand sanitiser, don't use the liquid to clean the phone itself as the alcohol content is too strong.

Other products like window cleaner and vinegar should absolutely be avoided, as these can destroy the protective coating on the phone.

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Of course, it goes without saying but don't submerge your phone is any liquid – whether water or cleaning liquid – even if the phone is marketed as water resistant.

When it comes to wiping, never use a paper towel even if you're desperate to clean your phone.

Paper towels may seem harmless, but if it comes into contact with debris such as grains of sand already on the phone surface, it can cause scratches.

Finally, don't forget to unplug all the cables and turn your phone off before starting the cleaning process.

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