A new ‘Pokemon Snap’ game is coming to Nintendo Switch, and Twitter is freaking out about it

In the words of Professor Oak: Welcome back.

In 1999, “Pokemon Snap” hit Nintendo 64 consoles around the country, and fans have waited for a sequel or successor ever since. It’s a first-person rail game in which you have to take photos of Pokemon throughout the Pokemon world, culminating in capturing the rare Pokemon Mew on camera at the end.

Much like Susan Lucci winning her first Emmy, the wait is over: On June 17, The Pokemon Company announced that the cult classic is coming back with a new installment to the series. Titled “New Pokemon Snap,” the game is coming to Switch at a later date.

Further details surrounding new “Pokemon Snap” are expected to be revealed on June 24, alongside other new Pokemon news. As an aside: “Pokemon Snap” is older than most graduating high school seniors in 2020. You’re welcome.

Between capturing the elusive Pikachus to finding the different forms of Ditto to shooting the three different legendary birds, “Pokemon Snap” captured the hearts and minds of Pokemon fans everywhere, offering one of the first out-of-mainline Pokemon gaming experiences.

Needless to say, a successor over two decades in the making meant Twitter started losing its collective mind over the prospect of a new “Pokemon Snap” game:

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