Aldi customers insulted after trolleys and baskets must be clear at checkout

Aldi customers have noticed a new policy being rolled out in some stores across the UK.

Some branches of the popular supermarket now require trolleys to be clear and carrier bags empty when going through checkout.

An Aldi customer in Swindon spotted a new sign at the store and shared it to social media, reported Birmingham Live. 

It read: “When proceeding to the cashier, please ensure all products are placed on the till belts, your carrier bags are empty, and your trolley is clear. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Some Aldi customers in other parts of the country shared that they had spotted similar signs in their local Aldis. 

These signs are thought to be part of a temporary measure to clamp down on shoplifting. 

Not everybody was impressed with the idea, with one shopper claiming it makes the shopping experience more difficult.

A shopper stated: “Well Home Bargains is right next door to our Aldi in Dundee. Sometimes I go into HB first and my trolley has bags in it when I get into Aldi, nothing I can do about it. If they don’t trust me, will be time to shop elsewhere.”

Other shoppers claimed that they have recently been bag searched in the popular supermarket, with one shopper taking to Facebook to express her annoyance.

Maria Bailey told the social platform: “After years of regular weekly shops in Aldi UK I can safely say I will never shop in there again until they change their policy! 

“Apparently you are considered a thief now before you are considered a customer. Head office have advised that every customers shopping bags and trolley should be searched every time and staff are less than understanding or apologetic when you ask them why! 

“Well, no thanks Aldi, I would rather pay double for my shopping than be insulted or treated as a criminal when buying my weekly shop! 

“Also we weren’t asked if they could search our bags we were told and this is not even legal!”

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The Aldi shopper accompanied her post with the hashtag #cancelaldi, and several shoppers were in agreement. 

Maureen Elston said: “I have this every week I go in there it makes me so angry, what’s the world coming to.”

Hannah Frier added: “This happened to my step mother every time she went shopping, bloody disgusting tbh Xx.” 

But Dayna Evans advised: “Just show the bags if you’ve nothing to hide. It happens in all supermarkets.” Kris Wortley seconded this: “Not really a massive deal though is it.”

Not all Aldi customers have experienced this change, however, with Aldi shopper Amy Hot commenting: “I’ve never had this??? Which one was it? I shopped in Whitstable Aldi yesterday and never had this.”

A spokesperson from Aldi UK’s official Facebook page responded to Maria’s original post and said: “I’m sorry to hear this Maria. Please send me a private message and I’ll look into this for you. Thanks – Steph.”

A spokesperson from Aldi told The Argus: “We’re known for our efficiency and ask customers to load the conveyor belts to aid our colleagues serving shoppers on the checkout.”

The spokesman added that bag checks were “only ever carried out with the consent of shoppers” and only took place in “some stores as a short-term measure.” has contacted Aldi for comment.

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