Aldi vs Lidl: Cheapest UK supermarket unveiled – beating rival by just 18p

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Throughout the month of July, consumer group Which? compared the prices of a basket of 20 products at major retailers including Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Often a close margin between the discounters, which supermarket was crowned the cheapest supermarket in July?

For those looking for a cheap food shop, Aldi might be the best option.

On average, a basket of 20 products at discount supermarket Aldi would have cost £23.59, making it the cheapest retailer for the month of July.

It narrowly beat rival Lidl to the top spot by just 18p.

Those who shopped at Lidl would have paid, on average, £23.77 for a basket of 20 items.

The basket of products included own-brand products such as eggs and cucumber as well as branded goods such as Chicago Town pizzas.

In third place was Morrisons, whose basket cost £24.46, followed by Asda’s basket costing £24.72.

Sainsbury’s came fifth with a basket of goods costing £25.15, followed by Ocado at £26.63.

Surprisingly Tesco was the second most expensive shop this month with its basket coming in at £27.06.

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Comparing this to a month prior, supermarket giant Tesco came fourth with its basket costing £24.21.

In last place, at a whopping £31.41 was Waitrose, where customers would have paid 33 percent more than if they were to shop at Aldi.

Groceries with some of the largest price differences included PG Tips pyramid tea bags, which had a difference of £1.52 between Aldi and Waitrose.

Own-label cantaloupe melon was also £1.31 pricier at Waitrose than discount supermarket Aldi.

Each month, Which? also compare larger shops, consisting of 79 items.

This included the original 20 as well as 59 more products like Amoy noodles and Lurpak butter.

These branded items aren’t always available in discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl and therefore the two discounters were left out of the analysis.

Asda was the cheapest supermarket, with the shopping trolley coming in at £151.22.

This was a huge £18.28 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose, where the trolley cost a whopping £169.50.

Sainsbury’s came second at £154.75, followed by Morrisons at £159.96.

Ocado narrowly beat Tesco coming in at £162.74, priced just 11p cheaper.

Asda has been the cheapest mainstream supermarket for more than a year in a row, claiming the title consistency since January 2020.

Ele Clark, Which? Retail Editor, said: “The weekly shop can have a big impact on people’s wallets, but our analysis shows shoppers don’t have to pay through the nose for their favourite groceries if they go to Aldi, which was the cheapest supermarket in July.

“If you’re after a wider selection of branded goods, shoppers could make a big saving by heading to Asda, which is consistently the cheapest of the ‘big four’ supermarkets for a larger trolley of items.”

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